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Unique 3D knitting Construction
Based on the characteristics of TSP we use advanced weaving technology to create the best structure. We have enhanced the wicking efficiency and moisture-isolation technology. Our construction ensures the body stays dry and warm during workouts.
TSP is the achievement of many years of research and development by Techlon. It is soft, skin-friendly, and has unique strength. Fabrics knitted with DRYSOLER would have proper tightness to ensure breathability and one-way transport of moisture.
KEEP Dry TSP does not absorb water.
Q:How does it wick?
It forms a channel for moisture to pass from your skin to the wicking layer.
Moisture Regain %
65% 20℃
PET Cotton
0.01 1.5 9.0
Lower number absorbs less water
Keep warm It transfers the heat as slowly as wool. The fiber can keep the skin dry and warm at the same time.
Q:Why is keeping warm while exercising important?
After you sweat profusely from exercising, you may be in windy conditions, such as going downhill on a bicycle. Warmth could be very important at this point.
Heat Transfer
c/p air=0
Wool PET
6 6.4 7
Lower number keeps you warmer
Lightweight Polypropylene is the lightest fiber. It can float in the water. Even though DRYSOLER is a double-layered fabric, it is lighter than expected.
Q:What's the benefit of light weight?
The lightweight fiber allows you to maintain flexibility in your activities.
Wool PET Cotton
0.91 1.32 1.38 1.54
Lower number is lighter
Excellent quality wicking fiber
DRYSOLER's wicking layer uses special-shaped fibers. Water quickly wicks along the guide grooves, and a wide diffusion area increases contact with air, improving evaporation efficiency.