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The unique properties of DRYSOLER -- wicking, dryness, breathability and warmth--are very suitable for the outdoor cycling activities.
Scenarios while cycling outdoors
When going uphill, the exercise intensity is high. The body sweats a lot due to the hard work peddling.
When going downhill, the body is in a state of gentle rest. The body will gradually cool down, but it must be able to tolerate the sudden change in conditions such as cold air and strong wind. DRYSOLER enables you to tolerate temperatures down to 13~17°C.
Effects after putting on a jersey made with DRYSOLER
Jersey doesn't stick to your skin while exercising
  • Sweat and heat can be quickly absorbed by the wicking fiber and diffused widely.
  • The skin-touching TSP fiber doesn't absorb water. You feel dry and comfortable wearing it.
  • The wicking layer is high in moisture absorption and perspiration efficiency. It assures one-way transport of moisture, so the skin-touching TSP layer is dry and comfortable.
Keep you warm from strong wind
The wicking layer can effectively block the sun
Sweat spreads to the wicking layer and fills it with water. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and heat. Meanwhile, a small dry space forms between the TSP layer and the skin.
Withstand 15℃ low temperature going downhill.
When facing strong wind, the TSP layer can isolate most of the moisture, which prevents the moisture of the wicking layer from seeping back in and causing coldness from the sweat touching the skin directly.