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DRYSOLER is a performance fabric specially designed and developed for outdoor exercise. The unique TSP dry layer and thick pillowy hydrophobic layer have excellent wicking and warmth effects.
Intense Exercise
Efficiently wicks away sweat to keep you dry
Cool Down
Keeps you warm even in strong wind
DRYSOLERDRYSOLER meets two crucial needs while exercising: It wicks away sweat quickly to keep the body dry and to resist the cold wind.
  • Cycling clothing
  • cold weather clothing: for hiking, climbing, skiing, ice skating, etc.
  • Outdoor sportswear: for outdoor sports in autumn and winter, such as football, soccer, etc.
The Double-layered Structure and feature of DRYSOLER
Keeps the body dry – TSP Layer
DRYSOLER uses the least absorbent TSP fiber as the skin touching layer. The sweat can pass quickly to the thick and pillowy hydrophobic layer, forming a dry, comfortable insulation layer with the skin.



Diffuses and wicks – Wicking Layer
The surface of DRYSOLER uses high-efficiency moisture wicking yarn. Sweat can be quickly diffused and wicks through channels in the yarn. Sweat evaporation efficiency is largely improved by the wide diffusion radius.


Assures moisture one-way transport - Isolation Effect
DRYSOLER utilizes the unique tension of TSP and works together with the advanced weaving technology to form a thick and loose isolation layer, which improves the water retention of the fabric and also keeps sweat from coming back to the body.
Breathable construction
The pillowy construction of DRYSOLER lets the air go through easily. It makes the body feel comfortable instead of hot and sticky.