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It can only be said that it is destined to develop this piece of fabric with DRYSOLER.
At first, Mr. Huang and his wife went to the Spiti store to choose their biker pants because of their cycling relationship. After talking with each other, they learned that Mr. Huang was finally in the same industry and learned about their persistence and problems with PP yarn. Through Huang I always have a preliminary understanding of PP yarns, coupled with our specialty in functional fabrics, we put forward views to see if they can solve the problems encountered by Mr. Huang on PP yarns.

In this way, the combination of PP yarn and suction and discharge yarn was opened. According to our requirements for fabric organization, the first sample of TSP yarn was completed. We then made the first sample car according to this cloth and sent it to Spiti Of customers to do long-term testing, we return the experience of fitting this cloth FR0M different customers such as cycling, mountaineering, jogging, fitness and so on. Then feedback the response of the field test to President Huang, and let them constantly revise and develop new cloth types in the test to find the best combination.

At present, this TSP cloth continues to collect customer's response through the sales of Spiti. Of course, we also continue to develop functional versions to match this cloth. I look forward to making this cloth widely used and more People enjoy its excellent features.