The DRYSOLER trademark is a combination of DRY and ISOLER (isolate), which represents DRYSOLER fabric's unique advantage: It can keep your body dry while you exercise.

DRYSOLER is designed for outdoor exercise fabric, developed by Techlon. Techlon has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing Polypropylene (PP) fiber. We combine the characteristics of PP fiber such as dryness, light weight and warmth, with excellent quality and high efficiency moisture wicking fiber to produce DRYSOLER.

Over the years we have tried countless weaving methods, tested various wicking fibers, and looked for ways to improve our PP fiber. Finally, we found a perfect solution that integrates the two extreme characteristics of wicking and warmth, while maintaining breathability.

The unique advantages of DRYSOLER fabric
Starting to sweat
In warm conditions
Keeps the body cool and dry
While Resting or Going Downhill
In cool conditions
Keeps the body warm and dry